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Uvioo on DiFFnet

How do I make money?
For a start, you make money every time you share a video And as if it wasn't already enough, we also pay you everytime the videos you have shared get watched! That is for thousands of views.
AND that's only the begining of all your earnings with UVioO. Thereafter, your income grows to another level as you acquire ad revenue shares.
The exciting part is that you aren't only paid on the videos that your friends watch. You can make money for as long as the videos you have shared spread out. As you know, some videos propagate from one another for months reaching a vast range of people. You can earn indefinitely. Every video you share that goes viral can bring you money for months passively. Share videos that others will like to share and your income will grow exponentially.
Every video you share adds up and increases your revenue!
At some point, you'll have many videos spreading out, inviting people in!
Sharing is simple with UVioO. Everytime you like a video, reach for the Share button under the video player or on your toolbar and simply select your favorite social network (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, MySpace, Linkedin, ... ). 15 are listed. You can also use the link with your username embedded in it and share it everywhere on the web (groups, blogs, forums, websites, msn, email, etc).
That's it! It's as simple as that!
You are GUARANTEED to make money!
We pay you in 6 different ways:
1. Per Share
2. Per View
3. Per Connect (Free Member sign up with set-up completed)
4. Advertising revenue shares
A. Checkpoints
B. Gold Positions
C. Pro

Use the menu at the top of your member area to look around. There's a lot to discover.
You'll also find out that UVioO is a huge community and offers 1000's of apps & utilities with games, music, videos, etc.. There are more apps available on UVioO than there are apps built for the iPhone and Blackberry combined