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Friday, November 25, 2011

A Lifetime of Advertising and Rewards!

Ricochet Riches is a premier retail marketing network that Rewards you for advertising!


Powerful Marketing Network offers you text, banners, side banners, and a unique mailing credit TRANSFER system!

(You transfer mailing credits to participating Mailing List programs of your choice)

Each RR Ad Unit is only $10 and you receive rewards in return up to $15 per unit!

You don�t have to refer a single person, to be rewarded, but if you choose to share Ricochet Riches with others, you can earn explosive commissions!

- Earn 10% of ALL Unit purchases made by your direct referrals
(Even free members can earn commissions by promoting Ricochet Riches)
- Your downline follows you into all additional programs included in the RR Network!

Receive 100 mailing credits when you register
Receive 50 mailing credits for every referral you make to RR
Join Today, and start collecting your Rewards:

Dont wait for luck, MAKE WEALTH HAPPEN!

Robert Turan